e says: hehe then get a job ya bum!
orange says: no!
e says: why?!
orange says: too lazy
orange says: im even too lazy to go volunteering
orange says: feez
e says: gay!
e says: haha really?
e says: whats feez?
orange says: huh?
e says: whats feez?
orange says: yes
e says: what is it?
orange says: yes
e says: what is feez?!
orange says: yes
e says: stop it!
orange says: why?
e says: what is it?
orange says: whats feez?
e says: you said it you tell me
orange says: oh i think i said geez. haha a
orange says: i was wondering what feez was cause you said it
orange says: hahahaha!
orange says: that was pointless
e says: haha omg stace!

that’s my saturday night for ya.


oh boy three posts in a day, thats a new record. or it just takes my loserness to a whole new level.

Quality over Quantity.

i would like to get this off my chest.

i don’t have many friends, people that know me would probably be like ‘no orange, you have tons of friends’. but to be honest i don’t. i hate admitting it, it really makes me feel like a huge loner loser. it’s just that, i hang out with alot of people, but most of them are just my peers, classmates and acquaintances. they are not the people that i would be able to tell important stuff to. there’s just not the trust i have with my besties you know.

but now that i think about it, i was such a loser when i was younger. i remember when i had little amature piczo sites and such, i would have a friends list. i would put everyone that i ‘considered’ friends on there. but in reality, i was trying to look cool by puting every i ever met or talked to on the list. oh how wrong i was.

Main Entry: friend
Pronunciation: ˈfrend
Function: noun
1 a: one attached to another by affection or esteem
2 a: one that is not hostile b: one that is of the same nation, party, or group
3: one that favors or promotes something (as a charity)
4: a favored companion

‘a favoured companion’ i guess that would be my definition of a friend. it takes alot for me to consider you a friend. even though, i may act totally open and friendly when we first meet, it actually takes alot of effort for me to do that. i’m a really shy person, and i find it super hard to even say a simple hi to strangers. but over the past year, i’ve over came my fears, i dont know what i was afraid of. when ever im walk by anyone down the streets that i dont know, i would look down or look away. that’s how bad it went, it’s getting better though.

to conclude my rant, i would like finish this by stating the old saying. quality over quantity.

Quick obsession.

I have developed a problem. not so much a problem, more of an obsessions. i get these ever so often, i see someone i really fancy, and thats all i can talk about. its a shallow physical thing, nothing too bad i guess, its like a little crush to the face. my friends gets really annoyed from it though. i just keep going on and on about the certain hotty. this time its the guy from survivor,: gabon i saw fim on the commercials previewing the show, and i knew i had to watch it for him. muahha! the first 2 hour preview was pretty sweet, not gonna lie. but its not something i would try my hardest to watch everyweek, it’s more like the thing where i would watch if it’s on. as long as marcus is still on the show, imma watch it. haha! i’m sure it will pass soon, but at the moment, this is what has resulted from watching this…

(8:17 PM) orange: omg im watching survivor too!
(8:17 PM) v: YEEEE
(8:17 PM) orange: i like marcus, hes hot
(8:18 PM) v: their all ugly this year
(8:18 PM) v: girls i mean
(8:18 PM) orange: i think that one blond chick is pretty
(8:18 PM) v: she IGHT
(8:18 PM) orange: but marcus is hot
(8:18 PM) v: aha whose marcus?? farmer boy?
(8:19 PM)orange: yes
(8:19 PM)orange: the one that got there first
(8:19 PM) v: hahahahahaha
(8:19 PM) orange: im going to marry him
(8:19 PM)orange: him!
(8:19 PM) orange: omg!
(8:19 PM)orange: hot!
(8:19 PM) v: lmao U wish
(8:19 PM) orange: do you see him?
(8:19 PM)orange: oh damn!
(8:19 PM) v: lmao
(8:19 PM) orange: just wait. imma marry him

there’s more…

(8:43 PM) orange: hey.
(8:44 PM)orange: watching survivor
(8:44 PM) a: you actually watch it???
(8:44 PM)orange: my future hubby
(8:44 PM) orange: http://www.cbs.com/primetime/survivor/bio/marcus_17/bio.php?season=17
(8:44 PM)orange: hes the reason why. its not that bad
(8:45 PM) a: hmm, that’s deeeccccccent
(8:46 PM) orange: i know
(8:46 PM) orange: he was walking around in his boxer briefs
(8:46 PM) sтacy: and he has the nicest pekcs
(8:47 PM) a: hahahha oh goshhhhhhhers

(8:48 PM) v: SHUSSSSSSSSSSSH with survivour with a second
(8:48 PM) v: and let a speak
(8:49 PM) orange: wheres a?
(8:49 PM) v: hah Nvm
(8:49 PM)orange: hey!
(8:49 PM) orange: you guys are talkign toghet!
(8:49 PM) orange: yay kota!
(8:49 PM) orange: yay marcus!
(8:49 PM) v: ahahahahahaha stoppp
(8:49 PM) orange: yay future hubby!
(8:50 PM) v: no lol
(8:50 PM) orange: yes
(8:51 PM) v: no

see what my problem is?

Reverse psycholoy.

by golly. sometimes, i wonder if man and woman have such different minds, that one thing can be completely different things to them. maybe it’s just the way that the male and female beings are designed. here is an example by what i mean:

so let’s say ‘boy’ i’ll call him by that, decides that he would have a little crush on me. flirts and such, trying to be obvious. though i know ‘boy’ is a nice person, i honestly have no interest in him in any way other than being friends. so one day after we started talking, ‘boy’ messages me on facebook saying :” i got a question, do you like me?” well me being the honestly truthful person replied ” well, i know you are a nice guy and all, but i only think of you as a friend and nothing more.” you would think that does it, that ‘boy’ would move on. but nope, he persues his quest on hanging out and getting to me. but that god that was soon over, after he met my best friend. let’s call her A. A being the person that she is, tells him straight off the back that he shouldnt go for her. i guess that didn’t work because ‘boy’ soon tells his buddy that he thinks that A likes him back.

you get the idea. it just feels like what we say, is not they hear.

anywho. enought talking about the major differences of the sexes. listening to music right now, and it got me thinking. i like music, but i wouldn’t say that ‘music is my life’. it kind of pisses me off when someone says that. how is your music, i understand if music is a great part of your life but there can be no way that it can be ones life. unless you start to breath, eat, poo music, i would start believing you. but hey, no offense if music is actually your life, its just an opinion.

but i must go, got homework to do.

till later. see ya!

Introduction ; obsession with ‘em brits

so basically my first blog. how to start? basically, i’m the type of person that would sign up for dozens of websites, and end up going on it once or twice before i get uber tired of it and call it quits.

let’s hope that doesn’t happen here.

alright, i guess imma have to start off with saying the basics about myself. i’m orange, where i live doesn’t really matter to you, seeing as there shouldn’t be a reason for you to know. and i’m still in highschool, so i’m still in the adolescent teen stage of my life in which i’m having a ace time. not gonna lie, i’m pretty stinkin’ awesome. not because i’m asian (jokes), but because i was pretty much born that way. <– you see, i honestly have nothing to talk about.

alright let’s start with the life story. i was born up in cold canada; where there is snow all year round, and we ride rein deers to get to everywhere we go. but then at the age of two mother and father dearest decided to bring me to hong kong. for those of you that don’t know where that is. its called google :) and then i lived there till i was brought back to canada when i was 6. and i have been in canada ever since. can’t say i hate it here, its kinda dull, you know with all the snow and and all. but hey, i can always cross the boarder to buffalo an hour away, and enjoy the sun, which us canadians don’t get due to the thick blanket of snow.

i am the type of person to go through mad obsessions, at the moment it is anything british. it fascinates me soooo* much. em’ brits are bloody ace! i’m inlove with british bands, they seriously make up my playlist. and wow how can i forget to mention skins. basically the best show ever, maybe its different compared to the hollywood bs that are coming out these days. ( not saying that i don’t actually watch that kind of stuff, it’s just too materialistic now-a-days) and boy do i love their accents! i really wish i can have something as kickass as a british accent. but from past comments from peers, they say i have a slight chinese accent. wtf is that? i don’t believe i have a ‘fobby’ accent. but what ever they say, but if it keeps up, imma try to get rid of it.

alright about the boring stuff. hmmm. basically all i’ve been saying have been boring so i can’t say that my british rant is boring. call me, so i can make it juicy for ya! sorry, listening to lilwayne. so i thougth i should share. hmm well i think im done. but i swear i would actutally think of something interesting to blog about next time. pinky swear? alrighty. and if you’re reading this, i hope i didnt bore you to death.

g’day and g’bye.


*note: i usually don’t put duplicate letters, only if i really need to. don’t sorry i’m not the type of person to talkkkkk liiiiike thhhhisssss.