Reverse psycholoy.

by golly. sometimes, i wonder if man and woman have such different minds, that one thing can be completely different things to them. maybe it’s just the way that the male and female beings are designed. here is an example by what i mean:

so let’s say ‘boy’ i’ll call him by that, decides that he would have a little crush on me. flirts and such, trying to be obvious. though i know ‘boy’ is a nice person, i honestly have no interest in him in any way other than being friends. so one day after we started talking, ‘boy’ messages me on facebook saying :” i got a question, do you like me?” well me being the honestly truthful person replied ” well, i know you are a nice guy and all, but i only think of you as a friend and nothing more.” you would think that does it, that ‘boy’ would move on. but nope, he persues his quest on hanging out and getting to me. but that god that was soon over, after he met my best friend. let’s call her A. A being the person that she is, tells him straight off the back that he shouldnt go for her. i guess that didn’t work because ‘boy’ soon tells his buddy that he thinks that A likes him back.

you get the idea. it just feels like what we say, is not they hear.

anywho. enought talking about the major differences of the sexes. listening to music right now, and it got me thinking. i like music, but i wouldn’t say that ‘music is my life’. it kind of pisses me off when someone says that. how is your music, i understand if music is a great part of your life but there can be no way that it can be ones life. unless you start to breath, eat, poo music, i would start believing you. but hey, no offense if music is actually your life, its just an opinion.

but i must go, got homework to do.

till later. see ya!


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