Quality over Quantity.

i would like to get this off my chest.

i don’t have many friends, people that know me would probably be like ‘no orange, you have tons of friends’. but to be honest i don’t. i hate admitting it, it really makes me feel like a huge loner loser. it’s just that, i hang out with alot of people, but most of them are just my peers, classmates and acquaintances. they are not the people that i would be able to tell important stuff to. there’s just not the trust i have with my besties you know.

but now that i think about it, i was such a loser when i was younger. i remember when i had little amature piczo sites and such, i would have a friends list. i would put everyone that i ‘considered’ friends on there. but in reality, i was trying to look cool by puting every i ever met or talked to on the list. oh how wrong i was.

Main Entry: friend
Pronunciation: ˈfrend
Function: noun
1 a: one attached to another by affection or esteem
2 a: one that is not hostile b: one that is of the same nation, party, or group
3: one that favors or promotes something (as a charity)
4: a favored companion

‘a favoured companion’ i guess that would be my definition of a friend. it takes alot for me to consider you a friend. even though, i may act totally open and friendly when we first meet, it actually takes alot of effort for me to do that. i’m a really shy person, and i find it super hard to even say a simple hi to strangers. but over the past year, i’ve over came my fears, i dont know what i was afraid of. when ever im walk by anyone down the streets that i dont know, i would look down or look away. that’s how bad it went, it’s getting better though.

to conclude my rant, i would like finish this by stating the old saying. quality over quantity.


One response to “Quality over Quantity.

  1. You sound like you won’t accept it if people told you that you do have friends. Yeah, I too used to feel that way at times. Most of the people around me are peers, etc. But yeah, we do have “besties” and that’s what counts! A single good friend is better than a lot of just friends. When you throw a party, you could have some 100 friends. When you lost your job and sat at home, whoever came over to talk, even if you yelled back at them, is your friend. So what, just hang out with everyone. You don’t need a big list of people to tell your “important stuff” to. It’s absolutely mad-celeb-like to go around talking about your life with everyone. Anyway, sorry for that huge comment. I badly lack the skill to be brief! 🙂

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