Quick obsession.

I have developed a problem. not so much a problem, more of an obsessions. i get these ever so often, i see someone i really fancy, and thats all i can talk about. its a shallow physical thing, nothing too bad i guess, its like a little crush to the face. my friends gets really annoyed from it though. i just keep going on and on about the certain hotty. this time its the guy from survivor,: gabon i saw fim on the commercials previewing the show, and i knew i had to watch it for him. muahha! the first 2 hour preview was pretty sweet, not gonna lie. but its not something i would try my hardest to watch everyweek, it’s more like the thing where i would watch if it’s on. as long as marcus is still on the show, imma watch it. haha! i’m sure it will pass soon, but at the moment, this is what has resulted from watching this…

(8:17 PM) orange: omg im watching survivor too!
(8:17 PM) v: YEEEE
(8:17 PM) orange: i like marcus, hes hot
(8:18 PM) v: their all ugly this year
(8:18 PM) v: girls i mean
(8:18 PM) orange: i think that one blond chick is pretty
(8:18 PM) v: she IGHT
(8:18 PM) orange: but marcus is hot
(8:18 PM) v: aha whose marcus?? farmer boy?
(8:19 PM)orange: yes
(8:19 PM)orange: the one that got there first
(8:19 PM) v: hahahahahaha
(8:19 PM) orange: im going to marry him
(8:19 PM)orange: him!
(8:19 PM) orange: omg!
(8:19 PM)orange: hot!
(8:19 PM) v: lmao U wish
(8:19 PM) orange: do you see him?
(8:19 PM)orange: oh damn!
(8:19 PM) v: lmao
(8:19 PM) orange: just wait. imma marry him

there’s more…

(8:43 PM) orange: hey.
(8:44 PM)orange: watching survivor
(8:44 PM) a: you actually watch it???
(8:44 PM)orange: my future hubby
(8:44 PM) orange: http://www.cbs.com/primetime/survivor/bio/marcus_17/bio.php?season=17
(8:44 PM)orange: hes the reason why. its not that bad
(8:45 PM) a: hmm, that’s deeeccccccent
(8:46 PM) orange: i know
(8:46 PM) orange: he was walking around in his boxer briefs
(8:46 PM) sтacy: and he has the nicest pekcs
(8:47 PM) a: hahahha oh goshhhhhhhers

(8:48 PM) v: SHUSSSSSSSSSSSH with survivour with a second
(8:48 PM) v: and let a speak
(8:49 PM) orange: wheres a?
(8:49 PM) v: hah Nvm
(8:49 PM)orange: hey!
(8:49 PM) orange: you guys are talkign toghet!
(8:49 PM) orange: yay kota!
(8:49 PM) orange: yay marcus!
(8:49 PM) v: ahahahahahaha stoppp
(8:49 PM) orange: yay future hubby!
(8:50 PM) v: no lol
(8:50 PM) orange: yes
(8:51 PM) v: no

see what my problem is?


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