Is it really neccesary?

why is it that i always tend to blog when i should be heading to sleep?

i honestly dont know. alright so there was this one day where i was too rushed to acutally put make up on. so through out the day i felt like shit. but then one my my guy friends in my last class told me that i lookdifferent. i knew that he was pointing out my makeupless face, but never would i have guessed afterwards that he would say ‘you look better with less makeup’ that stunned me. i’m the person that wears makeup daily for outtings, and feels disgusting without. its gone to a point that i feel so self concious that i dont even look people in the eye when im makeupless.

but then theres some guys that like it when girls have makeup and are concious about their image. i would think they would like it because they like a girl that knows how to take care of her self? but hey i wouldnt really know. im a girl.

so heres the point of this blog. whats honestly better? being natural but not looking the best or being madeup and knowing that you look good? i only know a few people out there that looks drop dead with no makeup. those are what i call natural beauties. but then some people are like, being natural with no make up is natural beauty. but is it really? you may be natural, but that doesnt always mean that you look hot. cause i know many people dont look their best makeupless.

and then theres the people that say people that use makeup is ‘fake’. i dont understand how people can say that. you are enchancing what you got, or creating the illusion that you will never be able to have with out make up. when people say that all those ‘artificial enhancers’ are fake. then i would think that it includes makeup(foundation, liner, lipgloss etc), hair tools (straightener, curly etc),Β  tanner etc. if those are fake, i would think i have the whole package. cause i straighten my wavy hair, i use makeup to enhance my eyes. i use contacts to ditch the glasses. i honestly dont know where im going with this. yikes. but you get the idea.

so what is fake? whats real? is there a borderline between the two?

so enough about the rant. life. so i finished making my brothers smosh boxman costumn. im proud. and over the weekend i spend over 7 hours painting an apple. yes productive. today i told myself that i wanted to go on the three day diet. but then i bought lunch. damn that was a good grilled chicken caesar wrap. if only food wasnt that good. maybe i wouldnt be so fat. but maybe i burned it off when i did my bike work out today. i hope i’ll keep that up for another few days if not for long term. but im thinking about doing crunches again. im sure it works. i did it a few days last week? and my stomach felt flatter. but then i ate. hahaha! i wonder if that three day diet actually work? its supposely suppose to lose like 10 pounds in few days. i might wanna try it. but my aunt feeds me and watches me eat, so i dont think that would work. seriously this is not going anywhere either. hahah! just pointless blabbling. i hate that my movie theater is being renovated! im excited that it would be so much bigger, but i hate that im missing all these movies. list of movies i missed… eagle eye, forever strong. movies i must wait to see… HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL THREE, the haunting of molly (something). and movie im going to see FO SHO!?!?!? TWILIGHT!!! alright i must go. linsday lohan is playing on my music player. and i think thats the sign for me the peace and sleep. omg! im going to have a hard ass time waking up tomorrow. oh boy. hahha!

i hope people read this. that way i know i didnt just type all this for cyber space. haha! night!

EDIT. and im starting to learn this in chem. what the fuck is up with the moles? its so complicated! seriously suicidal. haha but i prob wont be saying that in like a week when i acutally get it. just watch πŸ˜‰


Shoot me now. Please.

alright. question: v8 or clamato juice?

so i didnt make the swim team, oh well. i was upset at first, but then afterwards i thought of all the pros of not making the team. i wont have to get up at 6 in the morn, not do i have to rush to get ready after practice to go to school or mess up my hair. haha.

i finally got my straightener today in the mail, and i must say. i just about died. i have lived the past month with nast hair, and its time for a change. its such a confidence booster, you’ll have no idea till you actually have the problems i do.

btw this is just an update i guess, seeing as i havent posted in a while. so i dont think i go too much interesting/humour stuff here.

so my mother left for hong kong last week for the next month. i actually miss her alot 😦 and in exchange, my aunt is here to ‘watch’ us. i dont hate her, but shes really old fashion. its like a living hell here. i’m not going to list too much details. but here’s one thing that pissed me off that imma share: i was watching survivor gabon like just now, and she would talk through the whole thing. something would happen like rules being explained, and she would explain it again in chinese. i understand that you think you’re pretty sweet for getting what the dude is saying and that you need to share your knowledge. but i dont understand why you need to repeat it to me. i’m fully capable of sitting silently like a normal person to listen to the show on my own. like if this lady would eat a bug next thing you know “oh that lady ate a but” no shit sherlock. but that’s i’m all saying, and let me let you know, this next month is gonna be a living hell.

ugh that last paragraph really got to me, imma go now. starting to get tired for the night. i guess i’m going to do some last minute surfing. so peace πŸ™‚

Think before speaking.

this is a conversation i had with my friend that cracked us up.

a: you know what’s going to be weird? when we start seeing the little innocent grade nines we know eventually drinking and partying
orange: i don’t think it’s that weird, that was probably us when we were younger.
a: yeah i know what you mean.
orange: but you know what? they remind me on me when i was younger, i can totally see parts of myself in those little grade nines.
a: it would be even worst if you were a guy saying that.


okay, so you know when your calling some company for customer service and then they would put you onΒ a 30 min hold and ends up serving you in less than 2 min and hanging up? or your in one of those highclass hotel elavators standing there with complete strangers trying to avoid eye contact, even though you know the person is seriously staring you down? during these both scenarios, there is the annoying endless music playing. i’m not one to hate on music, i acutally like alot of music of all genre. but the music that ‘they’ play is killer!

what made me write this blog is because at the moment, i am calling folica inquiring about my returned for warrenty straightener, and i have been on hold for the past 20 mins.Β i have been on for longer in previous times, but i honestly think that they need more decent music playing if you want your customer to happy when you eventually talk to them. i wouldnt want to talk to pissed off people about their problems being more pissed off because of the bad music.

but honestly no offence if you acutally like that kind of music y’know. all im saying is that it… kind of suck. if i didnt already have my career pathway layed out. i think i would apply for a music director position in the whole ‘customer service hold department’. hmmm. maybe i’ll decide to get into that if i fail at being an architect. you’ll never know ;P

Procastination and ocd is not the way to go.

hi. i have a few problems i feel that i should share with you.

to start things off, i have a really bad procastination problem. to tell you the truth, thats what i’m doing right now. i should be either doing my chem homework, or i should be sleeping seeing as it is 12:13AM with school in the morning. i am a big time procastinator. maybe it’s just ever since i was young i have been procastinating and has been able to get away with it not getting in trouble, i just carried on the habbit through till now. i want to stop being lazy, but if you yourself is a procastinator like me, you would know how hard it is.

second problem that i must share. i think i might have developed a mild case of ocd. its not bad at the moment. i hope it doesnt get worst, but i have this thing where i need everything to be just ‘right’. with nothing out of place. i myself is not one to have a clean room, but i’m the type that takes forever to acutally clean my room, because i need everything to be in the perfect/right place, or it wont work. i’m that kind of person. and i hate it. it takes me days to clean my room. not gonna lie and i find it fairly sad 😦

i would love to write more about my problems, but i think my tiredness has gotten the best of me, i must be off the sleep to obtain my minimum of 7 hours of sleep. ugh i wish i was the type that actually goes to bed when i tell myself to. i’m the type that say i would go to sleep at 10 , but then procastinate with different stuff and end up sleeping at 11:30. yuck i hate it! that means if i want to sleep at 10. i would have tell myself to go to sleep at 8:30. and you know that’s not gonna happen. i guess i should be grateful of my 7 hours and end this blog.

off to sleep i go! and i forgot to mention. i really like dreaming. i always get good ones. if i ever get a good one that i can remember, i’ll be sure to post it πŸ™‚

night ~