Postgame party; early morn practice.

reflex test.

1st attempt : 0.258

2nd attempt : 0.269

3rd attempt : 0.246

i give up.

new blog. alright yesterday i went to a football game. and oh boy did i feel the temptation. it was a friday night, so everyone had plans after wards. y’know them teens. we met up with some friends and first thing i noticed was their breath. oh boy. and then them talking about beer pong at there house. you have no idea the temptation i had. it’s been over a month, so i feel really accomplish and that i don’t need alchy to have fun. i guess i was wrong. then game was over, and i see that everyone was heading back to some ‘party’. i’m not a loser i swear, i just choose not to go. i acutally dont know what’s up with me. you tell me.

hmmm. what else? well i’m planning on joining the swim team at school and i absolutely can’t wait. but i hate that i’m starting it half way through school, and that there are already people on the senior team, and i’m fighting to get a spot on the team:( i guess i’m going to have to try really hard. i know the basics, and how to the strokes without difficulties, but the only trouble is that i dont know how to do those kick flip things off the wall. first practice is tuesday morning at 6:45AM. you’re probably like ugh. but i just can’t wait! hope me luck!

till next time.

orange đŸ˜‰


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