okay, so you know when your calling some company for customer service and then they would put you on a 30 min hold and ends up serving you in less than 2 min and hanging up? or your in one of those highclass hotel elavators standing there with complete strangers trying to avoid eye contact, even though you know the person is seriously staring you down? during these both scenarios, there is the annoying endless music playing. i’m not one to hate on music, i acutally like alot of music of all genre. but the music that ‘they’ play is killer!

what made me write this blog is because at the moment, i am calling folica inquiring about my returned for warrenty straightener, and i have been on hold for the past 20 mins. i have been on for longer in previous times, but i honestly think that they need more decent music playing if you want your customer to happy when you eventually talk to them. i wouldnt want to talk to pissed off people about their problems being more pissed off because of the bad music.

but honestly no offence if you acutally like that kind of music y’know. all im saying is that it… kind of suck. if i didnt already have my career pathway layed out. i think i would apply for a music director position in the whole ‘customer service hold department’. hmmm. maybe i’ll decide to get into that if i fail at being an architect. you’ll never know ;P


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