Procastination and ocd is not the way to go.

hi. i have a few problems i feel that i should share with you.

to start things off, i have a really bad procastination problem. to tell you the truth, thats what i’m doing right now. i should be either doing my chem homework, or i should be sleeping seeing as it is 12:13AM with school in the morning. i am a big time procastinator. maybe it’s just ever since i was young i have been procastinating and has been able to get away with it not getting in trouble, i just carried on the habbit through till now. i want to stop being lazy, but if you yourself is a procastinator like me, you would know how hard it is.

second problem that i must share. i think i might have developed a mild case of ocd. its not bad at the moment. i hope it doesnt get worst, but i have this thing where i need everything to be just ‘right’. with nothing out of place. i myself is not one to have a clean room, but i’m the type that takes forever to acutally clean my room, because i need everything to be in the perfect/right place, or it wont work. i’m that kind of person. and i hate it. it takes me days to clean my room. not gonna lie and i find it fairly sad 😦

i would love to write more about my problems, but i think my tiredness has gotten the best of me, i must be off the sleep to obtain my minimum of 7 hours of sleep. ugh i wish i was the type that actually goes to bed when i tell myself to. i’m the type that say i would go to sleep at 10 , but then procastinate with different stuff and end up sleeping at 11:30. yuck i hate it! that means if i want to sleep at 10. i would have tell myself to go to sleep at 8:30. and you know that’s not gonna happen. i guess i should be grateful of my 7 hours and end this blog.

off to sleep i go! and i forgot to mention. i really like dreaming. i always get good ones. if i ever get a good one that i can remember, i’ll be sure to post it 🙂

night ~



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