Shoot me now. Please.

alright. question: v8 or clamato juice?

so i didnt make the swim team, oh well. i was upset at first, but then afterwards i thought of all the pros of not making the team. i wont have to get up at 6 in the morn, not do i have to rush to get ready after practice to go to school or mess up my hair. haha.

i finally got my straightener today in the mail, and i must say. i just about died. i have lived the past month with nast hair, and its time for a change. its such a confidence booster, you’ll have no idea till you actually have the problems i do.

btw this is just an update i guess, seeing as i havent posted in a while. so i dont think i go too much interesting/humour stuff here.

so my mother left for hong kong last week for the next month. i actually miss her alot 😦 and in exchange, my aunt is here to ‘watch’ us. i dont hate her, but shes really old fashion. its like a living hell here. i’m not going to list too much details. but here’s one thing that pissed me off that imma share: i was watching survivor gabon like just now, and she would talk through the whole thing. something would happen like rules being explained, and she would explain it again in chinese. i understand that you think you’re pretty sweet for getting what the dude is saying and that you need to share your knowledge. but i dont understand why you need to repeat it to me. i’m fully capable of sitting silently like a normal person to listen to the show on my own. like if this lady would eat a bug next thing you know “oh that lady ate a but” no shit sherlock. but that’s i’m all saying, and let me let you know, this next month is gonna be a living hell.

ugh that last paragraph really got to me, imma go now. starting to get tired for the night. i guess i’m going to do some last minute surfing. so peace 🙂


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