Underage drinking at school.

jello shots equivilant to 3 smirnoff shots plus 2 shots of captain morgans plus a banana twistee shot plus half a beer plus another shot of smirnoff straight plus no lunch or supper equals not so sweet feeling night.

it was a good night i guess. here’s the load down.

  • 5:00-6:30 locked my brothers in their rooms with food and games. drink and act like idiots.
  • 6:30-7:00 stumbled to school, holding up a friend so he can walk and scraped up my ankles.
  • 7:00-7:10 freaked because i couldn’t find my ticket, went all over looking for it. finally found it in my pocket.
  • 7:10-8:30 lost all morals and conscience, danced with date. got many dirty looks.
  • 8:30-9:00 regain all morals and conscience rethought about the night. felt sick.
  • 9:00-9:15 FOOOD came. eat.
  • 9:15-10:00 almost sobered up. danced with friends.
  • 10:00 -10:10 looked for camera. called taxi.
  • 10:20-11:00 got home. changed, cleaned up the mess. talked about the night.
  • 11:00-12:00 computer games and stuff.
  • 12:00-1:00 watched lipo-action on dr.90210. sleep.


the night was like a rollarcoaster. good bad good. it was fun when we were chilling at my house and doing what ever we wanted to do. then it went downhill after that. we were too drunk to just get a ride to the school. so we thought it would be better if we walked and see if it will wear off during that time. we walked and one of my friends ended being to trashed to even think about trying to get in so he went home. then i was too nervous and paranoid that i wasnt able to get in. i was surprised that i didnt get in touble. after we got in the gym. alcohol kicked in full blast and me and my date danced like whores. lets not talk about that again. empty stomach killed half the night. then things finally lightened up when the muchies got here. i ate 3 slices of pizza. a whole bunch of cucumbers with dip. mmmm! and some cake thing with spinach dip. it was good. i think imma go out and get some now. after that. i was feeling on top of the world. we left an hour early at 10 and we recapped about the night.

never again am i drinking for a school event again.


Ya lazy bum.

wow. a week without blogging. i feel like a slacker.

it’s not that i dont want to. i just dont have anything interesting to talk or rant about. maybe its one of this writter’s block things. here’s a short one i guess.

im about to head of to make some jello. spiked that is. and as you can see. tonight is semi. so im excited.

i make some last night. and it as really yummy. it was kinda funny how i brough the whole kitchen down to my room. everytime i do so. me and my cousin’s siblings would to too consumned into their games to notice what we were doing. i love life.

sorry. i need to go. jello takes 2-4 hours to set. and ive got a time limit folks.

i might blog after i make it. not sure. bye!

Ms Sneaky and Sly.

i feel all bubbly inside. you know why? well i’ll tell you why.

so my plan was that knowing that cute boy doesnt have an eraser, he would need it when he makes a mistake. so i placed my eraser in clear view. i waited about 20 mins till finally he he asked me ‘orange, can i borrow your eraser?’ that was my cue to flash my best smile and say yes. whatta cutie he is! that obviously left me bubbly for the rest of class.

then 10 mins till the end of class, me being the easily amuzed person, began looking through people’s binder. then i see these totally sweet pictures. turns out they belong to ‘boy’. score! conversation starter right there! as ‘boy’ returned my eraser, brilliant me said ‘i like your drawings! taadaaaa ladies and gentlemen! we talked about everything till the end of class. there was no awkwardness to it at all! yay! im so happy right now. that totally went over of what i was expecting as the interaction between us today. i cant wait for monday.

i understand that i sound like a obsessed school girl right now. but the last time i had a ‘crush’ of any kind was last year. and i have a feeling that this is gonna work out great. damn. no more. or imma jinx myself.

and mother is letting me sleepover at my besties. i guess she isnt as bad as i thought. todays been pretty sweet if you ask me.

Boarding school life.

sometimes i wonder how awesome life would be if i went to some sort of prep school. even better yet, some highscale out of the country boarding prep school. i honestly just thing i would be so sick! i think uniforms are so wicked.

the school in the covenant is pretty sick. yes. something like that.

rant. i cannot stand when people have fifty million pics of themselves uploaded onto facebook and such. i’m talking about the ones where you literally have a photoshoot of yourself, by yourself. and better yet, uploading new one(s) every single day. do you seriously have nothing to do with your time then to whip out your camera and start snapping pics. AND uploading all of them? get a life. like okay sweet, we all know your hot/pretty. but pictures of the same pose and your ‘angle’ is not that exciting.

omg! mother shut the fuck up! she keeps on nagging me! OMG! shoot me now. and i’m still mad that she’s not letting me sleep over.

now i sleep. night 🙂


i think its an asian parent thing. to not let their children go to friendly innocent sleep over. ( of course if you are one if those lucky asians that’s aloud. god bless your parents)

honestly, they think that the parents of the sleepover host is going to rape you, or that you have a wandering genital that would wonder off at night and do the deed. holy crap, why are they so paranoid. this isnt asia. this is north america, wait better yet. its canada. how many times do you see on that news about girls getting raped by a friend’s dad? holy jeebus.

give me a break. i cant even go to my best friends sleepover.

you know what? mom. you can suck my left nut for all i care.

way to ruin my perfectly content day ma.

ps. ooo. this cute boy that might have a crush on in design asked to use my eraser today 🙂

note to self: make conversation next time he asks for eraser again

just thought i should share a reason my day’s been good.

Report card.

91% on my mid term report card. yay!

  • 98% painting
  • 88% Math-Functoins and Relations
  • 82% Chemistry
  • 94% Technical Design

you have no idea how proud i am. hopefully i keep it up.

okay, confession. last year when i got my final mark for first semester, i had a low mark of 79%. so i came home scanned it. and changed my mark to 88% on photoshop.

i’m a bad student/ daughter. and even now, they still don’t know.