A child’s imagination.

i was such a naive and innocent child when i was younger. honestly now that i think back on it. i was really cute with the stuff i did and such.

when i was about 4/5 i was told that i shouldn’t swallow seeds, and that if i did i tree would grow out of my head. you’ve probably heard of this before. i honestly believed it and when the day came that i did accidentally swallow an orange seed, i became totally paranoid. i was so scared that something was going to grow out of my head. so i checked the top of my head 24/7. it took me a week to find out that it wasnt going to happen. cause i thought to myself that, if there was a tree that were to grow out of my head. it should’ve happened already. oh boy. how naive was i.

another scenario to prove my childish imagination is when i thought teachers lived at school. i guess every child has had that thought once in their lives. but i was hardcore with that thought. i wondered and where the the teacher would sleep, seeing as theres so many teacher and so little ‘extra’ class. the world was a wonder for me as a young’un.

haha typing this makes me giggle.

last but not least when i was young i used to play ‘salon’ i gave my granmother a facial (fake of course) then i thought it would be funny if i use some real substances. so i spit in my hand. you get the story. hehe!

well this note doesnt have an objective of any kind.

hope this made you smile the way it me:)



2 responses to “A child’s imagination.

  1. When i was little i lived in mortal fear of swallowing a pip (of any description) because i had been reliably informed doing so would make my appendix explode.

    Also, i once ate some of the seeds my parents used for chicken feed (i think it was just wheat), to see what would happen. I thought i’d turn into a chicken (i didn’t).

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