i got the sudden urge to post another, and maybe talk about my day and whats been going on with my life right now.

one word i would use to describe it right now is that it is neutral. i dont mind it, there isnt enough drama around to bring me down. its a personall choice to leave the drama. girls are bitchy, especially the materialistic/superficial ones. but no offense if you are one. there’s just so much more to life then worrying about what girl #1 said about girl #2 behind her back. or how girl #3 has a thing for girl #4’s ex. i used to think drama was what made high school interesting. drama was the real life soap-com. but now that i think of it. i can spend so much time on more important stuff. why should i care about your life? when I’m content with my own? why is it necessary to take sides and give the other side the death stare. oh course it’s classified as something to do, something to occupy our time. but is it really necessary?

as i slowly drifted away from the ‘in’ click. me and my friends have been having it way easier. no more worrying about what parties we would go to. no more thinking of excuses to our parents of where we are going. no more thinking up ways to hide our non-soberness with our parents. its like a weight off my shoulders. you might be thinking. dang this girl is a lone wolf that doesnt know how to have fun. well i can honestly say, if that makes me a lone wolf. then i guess thats me. i like not being pressured into doing what the ‘it’ girls are doing. i like having the freedom of doing what ever i want without the critisism of being ‘uncool’. why should i care? of course sometimes i feel like im left out that i dont get the first dips on the parties that are happening, and have to hear about it from other people. but when i actually think about it. should it really matter how hammered i get this weekend? or the next? im not saying im totally anti alch. i for one likes letting loose from time to time. but from past experiences, i have learned that life for me right now should be care free and i shouldnt be caught up in killing my brain cells every weekend. i’ll leave all that till im legal. so far i’ll take it easy and life my teen life without hiding from my parents… that much.

as i reread the last bit of what i just wrote. i feel like a hypocrit. i’m sorry if i sound like that. its just that im stuck in the middle. i’m not straightedge, nor am i an alchoholic. just clearing things up.

i’m currently a junior in school. and i’ve recently seen a new batch of grade nines that came into highschool. honestly maybe it’s just me, but no body likes them. i seems that they are really snobby and bitchy and have no respect for people in the older grades. i understand that you were the top dog back in elementry school. but hun, your back in the bottom now. hmmm. i wonder if thats how the grade 11’s thought of us when i entered highschool. i hope i wasnt that bad. what really pisses me off, is that their social ‘mobs‘ that takes place in the middle of the hallways. why on earth would you do that? why would you stand in the middle of the effing hallway. you are basically waiting for a punch in the face. i understand that you like to socialize, but if you are so inconsiderate that you have to take up the whole damn hallway and people needs to push through you to get to the other side, i dont see how you cant just maybe you can spread out along the hallway and leave a walk way for your other and older fellow school mates. its so inconsiderate. ugh.

i just feel like ranting on and on. i’m sorry if your tired of this.

i know this is all about school. but i dont think my school is that boring. :S

oh yeah and this is my apple that i painted!

i like it alot šŸ™‚ took me about a week. hope you like it.


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