Rejection is just part of life.

now on to stuff that really matters to me. my friend told me about this today, and it really got me thinking. when one gets excited for something, something that one’s gonna get, or something that is going happen. hoping its good and that would satisfy your wishes. there is always the chance of dissapointment. everything we do in life goes through that cycle. the antisapation and anxiousness when waiting for the time to come, thinking and hoping that its something you want. but end up with a smack in the face. you got rejected, you got denied, the list goes on. how does one deal with it? is there such thing as ‘not getting excited’ in the first place? can you actually do that? i honestly think that excitement is not something you can control. if you are waiting for something to happen that may have a result of something good, of course you are gonna work up your nerves and wait and wait for it to happen. you cant just be like, i dont want to be excited. you can try, but you would always be thinking about it. this is just my own little theory. the only way to get close to it, is in my case, find something to occupy your mind. as long as you have something else in your mind, you wont thinking about whats going to happen. but once you start thinking about it, the feelings and emotions are going to come again. am i right? this really got my friend upset so i just wanted to thinking about it and work it out. if you dont agree, i guess its your opinion and my is mine.

now time for a rant.

seriously. what is up with all this stuff. it seems like everyone is editing there pics on that site with the same effects. doesnt it get old. i understand it was cool when the first few people did it. but then every single person started doing it. like its getting cheesy and tacky here people. if you want to edit your pics and make it original, learn to use photoshop for goodness sakes. its not that hard. i’m not the brightest and learned to use the program great.

enough with the rant, my computer is getting on my nerves. its going so slow. geez! haha. anywho. i know its all nature, and theres nothing i can do about it, but i hate it how it gets darks so early. its dark by 5:30. why? dont even try to tell me why, i know. i wasnt asking for an answer. i just dont like it and i wanted to share.

the end, once again 5 mins to bed time. great now i wont be able to wait up with ease in the morn again.



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