Pre christmas excitement.

do everyone a favour
dig a very deep hole
crawl in it
and die

people. that has got to be the best burn or what ever you call it, EVER! honestly grade nines these days. they start drama over nothing. it’s quite entertaining actually. i was never this intelligent with my burns. gotta give props for that. i actually can’t wait till they get further into high school. hehe

i put up my christmas tree last night! and i have to say, it looks pretty lovely! the best part is, i did it all by myself! I’m a big kid now! my brothers were too busy playing their ps2 to help. it did piss me off, but i guess there’s nothing i can do about it. honestly i would rather them not helping at all then to have them be forced to do it and do a crappy job at it.

i love Christmas! its definitely my favorite season! its not the present that i love about it, its the whole mood and atmosphere where everyone is so jolly and happy. you might think that me putting up my Christmas tree when it’s not even half way through November is weird but, i guess it’s a personal choice. also i cannot wait to go Christmas shopping, i also love that! just the thrill of knowing that the person is going to open your present, the very one that you carefully picked out knowing that they would love it. the feeling is excruciating. and the decorations are beautiful. i honestly think recieving the presents is the least of what i think christmas is about. though it is nice to get a nice present 🙂


One response to “Pre christmas excitement.

  1. Saw you at the WP forum.

    1. When you visit a blog with good daily hits, you comment leaving your link. This helps in socialising and providing doors to your blog. If you r selfish and individualistic and condemn this, then you are anti-social, and people how to find their way here and comment yours? It goes both ways.

    2. Blogroll. Make friends if you must… But I never bother about this.

    3. Learn from sites which got plenty of hits.

    4. Write nosenses. People love junk foods… and junk blogs.

    5. Sex sells, scandal sells, superman sells, you don’t sell. Write what those junks want to read, not how you feel is important.

    6. Controversial. This always hit. Political site is all about controversy. But depending on the land you are in, you might get into trouble. Malaysian bloggers are known to be disturbed by their authorities for blogging controversial issues… eg.

    7. If you are beautiful girl, your pictures sell. Post them online.

    8. Find ping tools that work and beware of troublemakers online. There are plenty of critters online as well as us the nice people. But mostly the critters are active. So you need to know yourself.

    9. Last but not least, just blog for fun. No fun no blog.


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