i think its an asian parent thing. to not let their children go to friendly innocent sleep over. ( of course if you are one if those lucky asians that’s aloud. god bless your parents)

honestly, they think that the parents of the sleepover host is going to rape you, or that you have a wandering genital that would wonder off at night and do the deed. holy crap, why are they so paranoid. this isnt asia. this is north america, wait better yet. its canada. how many times do you see on that news about girls getting raped by a friend’s dad? holy jeebus.

give me a break. i cant even go to my best friends sleepover.

you know what? mom. you can suck my left nut for all i care.

way to ruin my perfectly content day ma.

ps. ooo. this cute boy that might have a crush on in design asked to use my eraser today 🙂

note to self: make conversation next time he asks for eraser again

just thought i should share a reason my day’s been good.


One response to “Overprotected.

  1. This post is pretty old… but I’m asian!
    But I live in the US.

    My parents are pretty strict, but they let me go to sleepovers 🙂 But yeah, sometimes their strictness is just over-the-top and annoying.

    a lot of asian parents I know are overprotective and over the top.

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