Boarding school life.

sometimes i wonder how awesome life would be if i went to some sort of prep school. even better yet, some highscale out of the country boarding prep school. i honestly just thing i would be so sick! i think uniforms are so wicked.

the school in the covenant is pretty sick. yes. something like that.

rant. i cannot stand when people have fifty million pics of themselves uploaded onto facebook and such. i’m talking about the ones where you literally have a photoshoot of yourself, by yourself. and better yet, uploading new one(s) every single day. do you seriously have nothing to do with your time then to whip out your camera and start snapping pics. AND uploading all of them? get a life. like okay sweet, we all know your hot/pretty. but pictures of the same pose and your ‘angle’ is not that exciting.

omg! mother shut the fuck up! she keeps on nagging me! OMG! shoot me now. and i’m still mad that she’s not letting me sleep over.

now i sleep. night 🙂


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