Ms Sneaky and Sly.

i feel all bubbly inside. you know why? well i’ll tell you why.

so my plan was that knowing that cute boy doesnt have an eraser, he would need it when he makes a mistake. so i placed my eraser in clear view. i waited about 20 mins till finally he he asked me ‘orange, can i borrow your eraser?’ that was my cue to flash my best smile and say yes. whatta cutie he is! that obviously left me bubbly for the rest of class.

then 10 mins till the end of class, me being the easily amuzed person, began looking through people’s binder. then i see these totally sweet pictures. turns out they belong to ‘boy’. score! conversation starter right there! as ‘boy’ returned my eraser, brilliant me said ‘i like your drawings! taadaaaa ladies and gentlemen! we talked about everything till the end of class. there was no awkwardness to it at all! yay! im so happy right now. that totally went over of what i was expecting as the interaction between us today. i cant wait for monday.

i understand that i sound like a obsessed school girl right now. but the last time i had a ‘crush’ of any kind was last year. and i have a feeling that this is gonna work out great. damn. no more. or imma jinx myself.

and mother is letting me sleepover at my besties. i guess she isnt as bad as i thought. todays been pretty sweet if you ask me.


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