Ya lazy bum.

wow. a week without blogging. i feel like a slacker.

it’s not that i dont want to. i just dont have anything interesting to talk or rant about. maybe its one of this writter’s block things. here’s a short one i guess.

im about to head of to make some jello. spiked that is. and as you can see. tonight is semi. so im excited.

i make some last night. and it as really yummy. it was kinda funny how i brough the whole kitchen down to my room. everytime i do so. me and my cousin’s siblings would to too consumned into their games to notice what we were doing. i love life.

sorry. i need to go. jello takes 2-4 hours to set. and ive got a time limit folks.

i might blog after i make it. not sure. bye!


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