Holiday turkey a success.

christmas totally worked, but now its over! i got the gifts i wanted, and everyone liked my gifts for them. so im satisfied.
ooo! and also, i made turkey for the fam fam last night. my first time and i must say i’m proud my myself. surprisingly it was actually edible. hahah i dont think i have much to say, this is just pretty much a quite update and to hope everyone a good holiday! taa!


Christmas wishlist.

i am so lazy!

seriously. well obviously the first sign of lazyness is that i haven’t blogged again! and secondly semester is ending soon, and most normal students should and would be trying harder in school, well i’m doing the exact opposite. i havent really been doing my homework 😦 i know i should. procastination is NOT key! and thirdly i feel really bad about this, but i didnt mail back my pen pal. yes ladies and gentleman, i have a penpal. and shes from spain. cool eh? well i got her letter on the 10th last month. i wrote a reply right away. but i still have to mail it. ugh and its already been a month! i feel so bad! but i promise that i would mail it tomorrow!

anywho to more important things. i finally saw elf last night. and might i say that it totally boosted up my holiday mood! im so excited! sixteen more days! it was such a sweet and funny movie. i almost got all my presents bought. well… i only brought 3. so technically im not even half way there. christmas presents are extremely hard to pick out! jeeeeez. oooo. thought i should post my wish list…. so here it is.

Orange’s christmas wishlist

late night alumni cd
Infamous (The it girl series #7) book
clothes ( i need long sleeves)
ps. i love you (book)
make up 🙂
1 year subscription to cosmopolitan or cosmogirl ( either is good. )
perfume: abercrombie classic perfume or mediterranean from elizabeth arden (preferably the first one…)
:O something cute from propaganda!!!!!!! yay!
a stocking for the chimney filled with gifts.

as you can see, i dont ask for much. recieving christmas presents arent my biggest priority for the holidays. i just love the family feel. and this year i’m planning on making a christmas dinner! yup, a 16 year old is going to prepare a whole christmas dinner for everyone. i’m still looking up recipes for the turkey and the desserts. im really excited. i just hope i dont mess up. when i do make it. i promise i’ll get a picture to show my amazing progress as a first time turkey maker. please note that i myself is not a cook in anyway. i basically burn or ruin everything i ever bake or cook. and it all happens cause i dont read the instructions correctly. hehe.

oh my god! so yesterday i downloaded turbo jam. its a exercise cardio thing. youtube it if you dont know what it is. i know its kidna illegal but i dont really wanna spend 50 dollars on it. maybe i will if it works for me, maybe. but im kinda tight on money these days. france and germany is coming up in march. and its over 3000 dollars just for the trip. of course the folks are paying for that. but i have to save up for my spending money. its pretty hard seeing as i have to buy christmas presents and teen essentials. yuck. so back to turbo jam. i downloaded the learn and burn version. the first have was baby toddler stuff. but then when it came to the burn part. man did i burn. but it felt GOOD! im going to try to do it daily now, thought its gonna be hard seeing as how frigging lazy i am. like they say, the biggest obstable is yourself. and man is it true. i really wanna loose some weight.

i wonder if this makes up for all the days i missed on blogging. i hope so, thought this just random blabbling. but thats what im actually good at. and its basically what all my blogs are about. i think i totally ran out of things to blog about. so i guess thats all for today. bye!