Bad judgements.

sorry guys. i have been kinda busy… not really. another one of my procastination moments. here’s an update.

so i was doing my chemistry homework last two nights ago, and i decided to head to the loo. i got there and found a pair of scissors on the counter. and me being the person i am, picked up the scissors and decided to ‘use’ it. of course there isnt much i can do with a pair of scissors ( it’s not like i’ll cut my finger) so i decided to cut my hair. i’ve cut my own hair before, i actually touch up on my hair regularly with layering and thinning. but this time it was different. i gave myself bangs. you see my hair before my ‘alteration’ was long/sweepy side bangs. i thought it was getting long, so i decided to ‘fix’ them. my stupidity caused my to cut my bangs straight across ‘trying something new’. worst mistake of my life. it doesnt look BAD, people said it looked cute, but its just so different. now im gonna hide it with longer strands for the next few weeks as it grows up. fuck im so stupid.

school started again this monday and it was very lovely. nothing too special. and i started volunteering at the hospital last night again. honestly if this isnt the chillest way to get volunteer hours i dont know what is. all i have to do is put stickers on the patients folder when the register for their apointment, them i tell them to take there tops off and put on their gowns. PLUS! i get hours for chilling watching tv, eating food and doing my homework when its not busy. which is all the time. oh yeah i volunteer at the mammography. thats where they take xrays of women’s breasts.

totally just discovered my current addiction song. top of the world by pcd. it is definetly on replay. too bad i can’t download it or anything. my computer is at the store getting a system reboot. apparently that i have so much viruses that it cant even start. thats upsetting 😦 oh well. dang. and i loose all my pics since this summer. horsesh*t. now im on my mom’s laptop catching up on what i’ve missing in the whole ‘social-internet’ life. aka. facebook.

my next few weeks/months is going to be so hectic. exams are in two weeks. yuck. then new semester so i have to get used to all the new classes ( data management, information technology, architecture design, physics) can’t wait. not. then omg! getting on the plane to europe in the second week or march. yeah baby. oh yeah then i have to compete in the kiwanis festival (4 piano pieces) shoot me please. hmmm i think im going to apply for a few jobs after all that stress. i really really need a job. ooo@$@$% then my birthday! seventeen baby. wow im totally getting ahead of myself. may. thats a way to go. and may i include that i’ll fit some parties into that.

speaking of piano. i think i better go practice a whole bunch now. yuck. bye!

i hope i decided to post another blog soon. unlike my last few blogs. lets just hope.



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