Discomfort of dry hands.

finally got the computer back. and also had to spend 80 dollars on some computer protection software. thank goodness mother was there to pay for the exspenses. at the moment i’m downloading all the programs i lost. so why not blog?

i honestly cannot stand the feeling of dry hands. i’m personally not one to take too much thought and care into stuff like face cream, moisturizers and stuff like that. but the feeling of cracky dry hands peave me off. i wish i was able to carry a little lotion bottle with me every where i go, but i’m not the type to carry a purse with me everywhere. so my last resort when it comes to dry hands and no lotion is to wet my hands and get the instant and short term satisfaction of ‘non- dry’ hands. but of course my skin absorbs the moisture and gets worst than it alreayd was before i even wetted it. if only i carry a book bag or a purse. if only i can bring my lotion with me 24/7. if only dry hands don’t bother me.

it seems that this anti virus program is going to take a while. its not even half way dont yet.

the sound of people talking and having fun got me to head up stairs to see what’s going on. turns out my mother was making sushi. basically my favourite food. so i ran towards her. my stupid brothers decides to stop and play body guard. those idiots. they try to fight me off. hitting me and such. so i hit my brothers face and knocked off his glasses. now the little nose nobs are crooked. personally i dont really think it was my fault, i acted on natural instincts of defending myself. he basically brought it upon himself.

random babbling as you can see. i hope i haven’t bored you.

thought. what is up with people thinking that the world is going to end in 2012? its kind of a bullshit thing to think or say. there has been so many ‘theories’ on how the earth is going to end. what a coincidense that they will all happen the same time. come on people. let’s be realistic here. people have been saying that the world is going to end throughout the history of human existance. take Y2K for example. it never happened. you may say that i’m just a stubborn teen that doesnt mean that i’m wrong. one would never know that its the end of the world till it happens. so until it happens, i’m not believing shit.

i’m done. now i gotta restart my computer because my internet isnt working very well.


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