Strict, strict, strict.

i ate a grape … and i jizzed in my pants.

yeh boi. asian parents are unnessecarily overly strict AND unreasonable. they dont understand the the concept of the need to go out once in a while. i personally dont go out that much, due to the situation with my parents. i dont mind. but it peeves me off when my parents don’t let me go out due to some unreasonable, rediculous excuse.

  1. ‘oh its too late’
  2. ‘a young lady like you should’ve be out this much’
  3. ‘i don’t know who you going to be out with, ive never met this friend.’
  1. geezus you think its late once the sunsets. so it’s basically bullshit by saying that. i understand that you not wanting me out when its pass midnight, but i don’t understand what the problem is when its only around 7 or 8?
  2. like i said before i dont go out that much. my parents are the type that would be totally content with me being a total zombie that stays in the house that only do their homework and such. but of course i dont spend my precious time at home doing that. i usually spend hours doing pointless junk like watching tv and surfing the net. hmmm maybe thats why my eye sights got so bad?
  3. mother dearest, knowing the fact that you are never fond of my friends unless they are asian also and get brilliant good marks. no wonder i never introduce you to my friends. and its pretty sad that you only think that i only have two friends. and always questioning where they are or why im not hanging out with them when i chill with other people.

i think the asian parent moto is to keep your kids locked up in the house till they leave for college/university. not giving them any freedom what so ever while they are in their adolescent years, but backfires when they are on their own and fuck up because they dont have anyprevious experience in the little things. thats it i swear.

i for one cannot wait until i leave this shit hole. its not fun. spending friday nights home doing nothing but stuff like this. oh what thrill. i just can’t wait till i move out. it would be leaving this dungeon once and for all.

but if you are asian and is gifted with chillen parents, then seriously i envy you with all my might. i have spent countless hours crying over not being able to go to certain things. of course not so much now since i’m kind of used to the rejection of freedom. it’s gotten better, well not really. but one and a half more years of this night mare. halleluja!


One response to “Strict, strict, strict.

  1. haha, asian parents!!
    so jokes 😉 i love them really.
    *‘i don’t know who you going to be out with, ive never met this friend.’*
    i get that one all the time, but my dad has been chill lately.


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