New years brings resolutions.

orange’s new years resolution

i know that its over a week into the new year, but i guess it’s better late than never. i’ve never made a new years resolution before. well i might have but it was probably not exactly realistic. so here goes nothing.

one : do better in school. i believe i’m already doing alright in school. i just feel like i can do better. if i try a little harder than i already am my average can go up the littbooks11le bit. and percent counts you know. i can’t really do anything now because my semester is over in two weeks. so all i can do is get ready for next semester. i really need to step up my game, these are the marks that count. dang there’s a possibility that university would look at my grade eleven marks. yikes. and of course since i’m going to start grade twelve in ’09 i should say that i better do good during my senior year also. i need to create a better study habit for tests and exams. i do alright in them, i just dont always study effectively so it sometimes screws me over. i think i can. i think i can.

two : practice piano regularily. i am in grade nine piano. and my pieces are getting mega hard. like seriously. and i’m expected to compete in the kiwanis music festival this year. in the three years i’ve competed. i’ve gotten two scholarships. i just really i hope i would be able to pull the pieces together. my piano teacher has been frustrated with me with my progress. i dont really practice you see. i rather spend my time at home watching teevee or doing stuff like this. its just a pain. i enjoy playing the piano, i just dont like the part where i’m learning the piece. that is not fun. the feeling of not knowing. i told myself i would practice today after i got home from school. nope never happened. the computer took over my night. very upsetting.

three : eat healthier, and get to a desirerably weight. i’m not the healthiest person around. i’m the type that would rather binge on junk food than to eat full meals. or starve myself instead of using my money to buy a decent lunch. my body has somewhat gotten used to it. i do eat stuff. its just that either i dont eat, or i eat on a HUGE meal. and at lunch when i dont have a lunch i mooch off other people’s lunches. a bit or two from different people 🙂 it’s acutally really appetizing, lots of variety too. i also want to start excersizing to get toned. i dont think that would be too hard seeing as rugby is starting soon. and me and my friend is planning on heading to the gym after exams are over. i’m so excited i just love the feeling of when its after the workouts. where you’re all sweaty and out of breath. amazing feeling. but i always work out for a few days pushing myself and feeling great but then i would dread to do the work out again the next day. thats where i stop. its a bad habit thats why i hope rugby would help me be more discipline cause there’s a couch and everything telling you what to do.


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