soymilk and boys.

hot hot hot

yes i said i would be going to bed. i’m a bad girl. but i just feel like i should share something.

i think clay adler from newport harbour is a hottie and that soymilk in my opinion is wayyyyy better then regular milk. oh yeah. and i’m going to see how long i can go veg for before i a) give into my craving for chicken or b) my parents try to shove meat down my throat. my bet 2 days. hehe.

great now i need to fill all this room. um what can i put. window vista is pissing me off, it is so different from winder xp. maybe i’m just technically handicapped. but what ever i’ll get it sooner or later. and oh my goodness! skins series 3 is starting on the 22nd this month. before i thought it was on the 19th last month but it turns out thats when they are introducing the new characters with the new trailers and promos. what a noob. i cannot wait! and i have been imformed that i make tons and tons of spelling mistakes, so in the future i should read over my blog before publishing them. night dezyrée 🙂

ps. since im talking about dez and fantasies. i think i should also share the fact that i have countless recurring fantasies of dezyrée.


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