Orgasm in a box & temptation & homo.

scott herman from real world : brooklyn

orgasm in a box. literally. please fuck me now please! i’m not trying to advertise for mtv, but dang do they cast the hottest people. i spent the past half hour looking up this hottie. i swear i’m going to talk about more stuff than this hottie. but man does he have the hottest abs ever. and the smile. it’s to die for. omg!!! and hes such a sweatheart on the show. wow. okay. i’ll stop now. on to what i was here to blog about it.


it has recently come to my attention that i find an amuzement in seeing/watching high people . maybe its just that they laugh at anything, which makes me laugh myself. or i just find it fascinating observing their behavioour. i know i’m curious. i myself have never done weed or any type of drug before, because i want to be able to say when i’m older that im one of the few that has never done drugs before. but now i’m curious in how doing weed actually feels like. the whole experience is fascinating. i honestly feel like such a bad person for thinking this, i guess i’m just afraid of being judged by my friends. i want to experience what it’s like to get high, what it’s like to ‘smoke’ it in. maybe it’s because i like the feeling of being intoxicated and maybe going a little farther than what i’ve already tried. well i’ve only drank. but obviously, there is always the chance of ‘liking’ it and getting addicted. i think good is over powering the bad. i’m don’t want to suffer the consequenses of my actions.

i’m just afraid that i would try it one day, something bad happens. the fear is overwelming 😦


it really bugs me when people use gay as a negative term. like when something is stupid they would be like ‘ew that’s gay’ why do people use it like that? i guess it’s just that people have used the word all their

life not even thinking about the offensive meaning that it may have.  it’s such a commonly used word now a days, that people dont think it has a real meaning to it. the same with when calling someone a ‘fag’ or a ‘queer’ there isnt much i can say on this topic other than my personal thought on it.  i have been trying really hard to not use that term in anegative sense ever since i have came across this issue. it may be a small thing, but it adds up. i don’t think homosexuality should be seen as a sinful, unright thing in the society. its a personal choice of lifestyle and other’s should not have a say in it. we’re in the 21st century and its just wrong that it is being frowned upon. rant. over. night. dang i still have to straighten my hair. ugh. and i have a math test tomorrow first thing in the morning and it doesnt help cause i still think my math teacher still dislikes me.  night.


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