punk rock temptation

l_08382c0ebb39cf4207a780c2a3bc73c7alright, so about two years ago i had a punkrock/metal/screamo/emo music phase. i thought i almost got over that phase. like i stopped listening to half the somes (maybe over half cause i had like 2000 songs) and i only listened to the softer punk rocks, cause the hardcore stuff were giving me headaches. i thought i moved onto better things, until i came across this band the other day. it’s been over a year or two since i was obsessed over a band so here it is. FRAMING HANLEY. i swear they are one of the few punkrock bands out there that gets to me. alot of the other crap is the same stuff over and over again. maybe im being bias but i really really like this band cause they do have a different sound to them. oh yeah, nixon ❤ and chris from the band is totally yummy, maybe that’s a big reason i love them hehe. i think i’m going to get their cd and let me tell you, that says alot. anywho wayyy past my bedtime, im going to have a shit job waking up tomorrow. omg! im having eggs again tomorrow morning! maybe that would make me wake up. nighty night!


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