oh wow.

skins 1

some say it’s an obsession, i say its love.

i don’t know what it is. there’s something about the show that makes me just can’t get enough of it. i think it’s because it is so much different from the censored teles we have here in canada. everything we have on tv here are ‘hollywood’ and if you ask me. it can get rather monotonous <– that means boring šŸ™‚ and i think it’s just that the characters in the show lives such an interesting life that i obviously would never be able to live (yes i know that its a show and its all fiction, but knowing that some kids do have that lifestyle is fascinating) and oh yeah it’s cause its british. and you know how much i love the brits.

the first ep of the 3rd series aired the other night, and amazingly it was up onto the web on the same night! i was so tempting to click it and watch it but it was 12 already, and i cannot afford to stay up watching skins on the night before my chem exam. so me and my friend is going to get together after exams to watch it together. though it is tempting to watch it without her. love you dezy!

oh my goodness, and did i mention that the first season is now avaliable for sale in north america now? but the only way of me getting my hands on it is through amazon. i shouldnt complain because it’s not like i could’ve gotten my hands on it before hand since the only versions out were the uk region versions where i wont be able to play here.

wow i sound like an obsessed school girl. quite sad actually.


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