stupid cavity.

well i had a cavity filling a few months ago, and it felt like after a fews days that it might have fell out. but i never did or said anything. so today when i was eating some walnuts, i was just munch at it then i bit something hard, i swallowed it not knowing what it was. then later i felt something sharp on my tooth. turns out the little hard thing was part of my tooth. i chipped! like its not big, but i can feel that a piece came off. i was freaking out. i showed my bro and they told me that the part that fell out was black along with the hole from the filling. now im super paranoid and thats all i can think about. hence me writing this blog. omg! i knew i should brush my teeth more. now i need to get a filling, or worse! who knows what can happen? what if they have to take out the tooth and give me a fake one. omg! okay, i need to calm down.

i hate life!


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