I have this thing where i give mad props for people that choose to be sober. there is a difference between that and not being aloud to. i’m talking about when people choose to be in control and will not let alcohol effect their actions. i sound like a complete hypocrit for saying that, i know.

i just feel that people that has the will power not to get caught up with the ‘hobbie’ should be given more credit for it. i look up to these people. i have tried to stay sober (not that i am a complete drunk now, it’s more like a once every few months), but i’m not going to try to lie to myself. i give in to temptation too easily. i’m one of those people that would even not to get drunk would take a sip here and there. and to me even touching the stuff goes against being sober.

but then, i see those people i look up to so much give in. i actually get kind of upset. i don’t think theres anyway of explaining this. it feels like the person is giving into the ‘trend’. i saw them as individual that chose to do what they do, but now they are just like everyone else. i no longer look up to them.

i understand that it is a personal choice for the person, and that i have no right in thinking what they are doing as right or wrong. it’s that my view towards them has changed into what i see everyone else as.


One response to “Hypocrit.

  1. yuuuuuuuppp. i’m definitely weak when it comes to alcohol. i love partying it up, but i have learned my lesson from that time before. guhh. whenever there is an opportunity i drink, but i have control now. wooo. 🙂 … well more than i did before. ahah .

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