Amazing Discovery, anticipation.

So i was clicking around in itunes, yesterday i found of how podcasts work, nothing too special. but then just now i clicked on the ‘radio’ button. and to my surprise, you can listen to radio stations from around the world. they are genretized and withing the genres there are so many different radio stations! i’m so ecstatic right now and happy! i’m going to start listening to them now!

i’m listening to a paris france station right now. and hearing them speak the lovely language makes me feel like im there myself! and to think that i will be off to europe in two weeks! wow. but im not getting the pre vacation jitters yet. it still seems so far away, yet it’s so close. i think part of me thinks its so unrealistic and that is not going to happen. well it is europe we’re talking about without my family with my friends. and the other part is afraid that i would go there and like it too much and won’t want to leave. i’ve always hated leaving places. even going to brock university in grade 8 and kingston for earlier this year i was so upset when i had to leave. i was dreading the next day because i know it would one day closer to going back home. i’m also afraid that i won’t have the good time im hoping i would get. i’m thinking that it would be such an amazing experience and i have such expectations. what if it’s nothing like i imagined it to be? that’s just scary! but my one and only fantasy about france is to wander off and get lost and discover paris france by myself without having to follow the school. but i know that would be impossible. that’s why i want to go on a european exploration by myself and maybe with a friend some time in the future. that way i can have the freedom of what ever i want.

i’m sick of canada. i want out!


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