Fuck my life.

leaving for my trip tomorrow, excited as hell.
physics test tomorrow, stressed as hell.
Business report due tomorrow, busy as hell.

omg! and as im suppose to be doing those things i am here blogging about my not so important life.
damnit! and i also promised my penpals that i would mail them before i leave for the trip, guess that’s not going to happen.
i’m a bad person. well i guess i can’t be bad when i took in a intoxicated friend into my house this weekend.
oh which i should’ve been at the party that she got kicked out of at. data management took over my weekend, omg! SCHOOL IS TAKING OVER MY LIFE!
eff my life. please.
atleast all my worries would be over at exactly 5 tomorrow.
where i take my bus to the airport.
hellz yeah.

lets just say tomorrow is a bittersweet day.
cant waittt!!!! wait… i can wait.

y’see what i mean?
i’m guessing this is last blog for the next 10 days?
i’ll see if i can blog about my amazing journey if i get access to internet when i’m over seas.

and again, im just fantasizing of wandering off and getting raped by the hot french stranger.
wait… it won’t really be rape if its voluntary would it. hahahahah! what a horn dog eh?
but i promise i’m not. i’m actually quite good.

taaaaaa! gonna miss you blogageeee!


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