Pressure’s off.

Hi I’m Orange and I’m a Flexitarian.

i ate meat on my trip, only because they were the majority of the meals that we got. And since i’m not the biggest fan of meat, yet there’s the occasional temptations (jerk chicken, christmas turkey) ps. you know how hard it would be to make the turkey and not be able to eat it. why would i want to shut myself from something that is all around me permenantly. it’s not like i choose my diet for the animals, its more like a health thing i guess. so pressures off, no more guilt when i crave or eat the occasional meat. I am a Flexitarian.

ps. i saw the post of mitch hewer below and it made me smile. the way i smile when i see him as my wallpaper on my phone first thing this morning when turning off the alarm. He is my sunshine.


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