I have always liked boys, no this is not a post talking about my sexuality. But until recently, i never thought of myself as ‘boy crazy’. This realization did not come naturally, i was told before i did some selfreflection. the whole time i was on the trip two weeks ago, all i can think of are the boys that i see on the streets. my actions are made based on the guys. and just on the trip alone, i have broken out of my comfort zone to look guys in the eye and smile and say hi. i’m not saying that being boy crazy is a bad thing, but i’m not saying it’s a good thing either. i look forward to classes where a certain boys i have never spoken to are in. the direction i walk in the hallways and which hallways i go down all comes down to the boys.

but right now it’s more of a lust thing, i’m in it for the looks of the pretty boys. i remember when we were creeping on this really cute boy in green, and it turns out her was taken. me and my friend were heart broken, but then we thought ‘it’s not like we had any chance with some strange french boy’ so we just laughed it off. my attention when i’m in a new and unfamiliar place, is all around looking for boys to look at. well seeing as the boys around here i’ve already seen and exposed their flaws, there isn’t much to look forward to where i am. hense new destination, new faces, and possibility of hotties to be discovered.

Wow, i whole post about boys. talk about obsessed.

ps. my face song at the moment is boysboysboys by lady gaga. though the song it self is kinda shitty, the lyrics make me smile.


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