‘Oh, I love me.’

Concieted, Arrogent, Narcissistic.

They all mean the same thing, someone that is totally full of themselves and loves themselves more than anything or anyone in the world. What makes a person act in such a way where they think that they are ‘above’ other people, and that other people don’t matter as much as them? Personally I think it is how a person was raised. This is just a theory, but I feel that it is the parents’ doing, treating their children like little king/queen of the worlds. all this leaniancy gives the child the feeling that it is part of life to look down upon others.

Honestly i feel bad for those people. once they go out into the real world, unless they become ‘big cheeses’ right away, they will learn the hard way that people don’t care if you think highly of yourself, they will think lowly of you.


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