I’m one of those girls that see the future as me not being where i am here. i see growing up as leaving and starting a new life in an entirely different place. I want to grow up into a city girl. It honestly doesn’t matter what city, as long as it is big. I love the city life, the excitement and unknown around every corner (not in a sense of the strangers with the knife around corner) I just don’t see myself as the type that raising my family in the same place i grew up in.

There’s nothing wrong with that, i honestly think it’s kind of cute. I have friends that their parents went to the same school as them, and the teachers are teaching their children. That is just adorable. But that’s just not for me. I want to raise a family and give my children the childhood the one i wished i had when i was young.

When i was younger, maybe just a few years ago. I wanted to live in california. now that seems like a joke, i no longer have any interest in the states. the whole no free health care thing is such a turn off. I guess the only thing that really draw me towards towards it is the beach and the weather, oh and celebrity. but now that i think of it, who wants summer all year long? i hate to say it but i kind of like my snow 🙂 and the whole celebrity being next door is kind of overrated. other then that, the states is not much different from canada.

Then in the past year, i have envied those who live and grew up in toronto. There are so much fascinating things there, stuff that i would not see in a little town. people there are so laidback, and way loose than people here. there are so much to do and places to go there and i love the crowded ness of the city. here, i walk down the street and i pass 10 people tops. how sad.

After i saw the beauty of britain through skins, i became totally obsessed with the british culture. i described in one of my eariler blogs, so i’m notgoing to get too detailed now. we speak the same language, but i feel that that’s the only similarity. the culture, history and lifestyle is so differnt from here, and i love it!

Paris is my new future desination, well i think this is up there with britain. being there first hand in person made it so real and amazing! i still can’t believe that i was there in one of the most famous city in the world! i loved everything about being there! the subway, the streets, the fact that i don’t know what people are saying, the street bikes, the curved streets, EVERYTHING! i watched amélie last night, the movie was taken place in paris. and seeing that the filming desinations were places i’ve visited made me upset cause i miss it so much. i wish i took grade 11 french, that way i can take grade 12 next year. but i guess i can learn french on me own. ugh maybe i can move there and lean french there, i’m not that bad. hehe.

obviously it’s a promise that i would move into the city when i’m older. the only question is where? I’ll prob add another city or two to the list as life goes on. i can’t wait.

ps. my brothers were showing off and celebrating their boners with each other. they’re 11 and 12. how disgusting.


3 responses to “Citylife.

  1. hey! i juss passed this and i wanted to say something after i read it
    my parents always tell me to do this, to do that, and to get these grades, to go to this place. they want me to be like this, and that, and we move around a lot. they never think of me though. and just reading that, makes me realize that they must be one of those parents where they make their children be/do the things they didn’t get to do in their childhood.
    i know this is ur personal blog, but PLEASE DONT DO THAT! it’s not fair at all to me or my little sister. they are so conceited they don’t think of anyone else but themselves. i don’t want to visit different countries! they dont even know who i am..

  2. i get what you’re going at.
    i moved around alot, and ive been to six different schools before we settled down to where we are now.
    i personally would move around figuring out where i want to live before i settle down. i don’t want my kids to be the ones that suffer through all the constant remaking of friends and etc. it’s unfair i understand.

  3. i thought you liked the country life?!?! ahahah wandering in the wilderness with moi? sayy whhhhhaatt? just want to live eveywhere don’t you ahahha

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