Hard As Fuck. Hot As Fuck

Remember those S Club 8 kids? who would ever thought those adorable kids would grow up to such beautiful people. I’m talking about Aaron. Back then he was alright, but oh wow. now he is smoking! Yes i’m talking about the masculin sex again. don’t mind me. but oh my goodness, god bless his parents for making such a beautiful thing. he is soooo fit! And surprise, he’s british, what d’ya know! man did he grow up good.


actual screen shot from my facebook.

it was just last night that i was looking at pictures and videos of gaspard ulliel a french actor that is totally delicious. i was debating on posting a blog about him alone, but i guess i am now with the hottie up there of course. there is just something about those european boys, i don’t know what it is. wait i know, they’re hot.

i need help.

(9:18 PM) orange: aaron from sclub jurnior grew up to be a hottie.
(9:19 PM) orange: like omg. he is sooo fit!
(9:19 PM) orange: i think i just wet myself.
(9:19 PM) orange: wait nevermind. its just my period.
(9:20 PM) e: wow that was a over share lol
(9:21 PM) e: …omg…that boy grew up good
(9:22 PM) orange: you should see the smile on my face.
(9:22 PM) orange: know that feeling?
(9:22 PM) orange: where something is so hot. that it just makes you smile. real hard
(9:22 PM)orange: cause thats the only thing that can go hard … cuase you know we’re girls.
(9:31 PM) orange: my mouth is open
(9:31 PM) orange: he has pouty lips
(9:32 PM) e: i love it..he looks good wet lol
(9:32 PM) orange: know what else is wet
(9:32 PM)orange: kidding


4 responses to “HAF.

  1. Ohmigod Stacy!!!
    One of the S Club Juniors (im assuming thats s club 8) kids works in Debenhams in my town 😀 haha XD
    he’s a loser.

    I miss S Club.
    The original are reforming (sort of) did you know?
    I can’t believe it… I mean, Take That, Boyzone… New Kids on the Block… now S Club?
    come on.

  2. omg. you brits have all the cool celebrities. haha!
    which one is he?

    that’s weird. all those old people are getting together.
    and you left out spice girls in that list. its kinda getting old now, so cliche.
    theyre gonna break up again eventually.

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