Back to Square one.

Who knew moving a blog would be so much effort?

Well first of all, i’m back to square one with blog hits, not that it matters much but it just feels good y’know? haha. psssst. just add 1000 to the number hits over there 🙂 or i can just get rid of the hits all together. hmmm maybe. and then when i imported everything from my old blog, it seems that there was some posts that was duplicated several times along with alot of comments, so i had to go and delete all the extras which took about half an twenty minutes cause it’s stupid. now i’m deleting all the pages from my old blog, leaving the link here.

Why did i do it? I started thinking about it, i don’t need to give that much information about me out. even if the only real information on there was my name, i just dont feel that it was nessecary. by changing my blogurlname to something still similar but gets rid of my first and last name makes me feel better. i’m also getting rid of all traces of my photos. again, i dont think it is a bloger necessity. i want a person to read my blog because of the contents, not because of the picture of myself that i have up. basically this all happened my friend found my blog. the realization that she accidentally got here scared me. i really don’t want people i actually know to find this y’know. so being secretive (sorta) with myself makes sure that even if someone does come here, they might not know it is me. I sound so lame right now, but what ever, not here for you to judge.

I am kind of upset that i could not have the whole ‘oranage’ in my url. some person already took that link so i’m stuck with orange cut short.

now i have to go back to my previous posts and get rid of any trace of my name. ugh what a dragggg! but its all gonna be worth it. it doesnt help that it is past one in the morning.


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