I’m pretty westernized. You can say i’m a twinkie, I won’t get offended. my whole life i’ve been trying to break away from the asian stereotype. Supersmart. Good at math. Musicians. theres more i just don’t know them all. but as hard as i try, but i would never be fully out. no, i am not ashamed about my race, please don’t think that. but i dont like it when people judge me before they get to know me base on the stereotypes. i want to be an individual. i guess i shouldn’t say i want to break away from the stereotype because anyone can be smart, or be good at math or play an instrument. i hate how people just ‘assume’ certain things about me, it’s not fair on my part. ugh i’m so confused. i don’t even know what i’m talking about any more. i’m totally contradicting myself. i’m going to stop now.

note: from what i said about before, i have never in my life tried to dumb myself down to break away from the stereotype.

this started as a race stereotpe thing, and it turned into a judging thing then to a confuzzle mode. i need my sleep.
ps. post number four of the day. geek fo shooooo!


2 responses to “Banana.

  1. I hate school assignments, it’s so frustrating since I’ve got like 11 of them. I agree that asian people are good at maths other than western people. It’s good to see you made a new blog, starting something new.

  2. i don’t know if this has anything to do with anything with your post, but i’m going to say it anyways. so i was with my drama group in the caf, and we started talking about mean girls. i don’t know how but it happened. so dalton was doing his usual thing and quoting everything from the movie when someone i don’t recall who, starting saying who would be in what group in meangirls. and then my name popped up, and they were like … yeah definitely in the cool asians group cause you’re not that smart and etc etc. i didn’t catch it all. and then they were like yeah orange and anna would be at the cool asians table too. then i was like “wait .. does that mean that i’m a slut that goes around and sleeps with coaches?” bwahhahahha. yeah … just wanted to sya that.

    so yep. i don’t think your the stereotypical asian. i think you’re too baddass for that ahhaha!

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