No name.

have you ever wanted to go back to posts from a while ago and just delete or change it because you are embarrassed with what you posted?

yeah. but i’m not gonna do that. i’m leaving it the way it is. there’s a reason blogged it. it was my thoughts and feelings at the moment, and if i delete it. i may never know how i felt back then. maybe if i keep this blog long enough, a few years from now, i can still look back at what i did the the previous years that day. that would be so awesome! hahaha.

i’m actually, kept this blog going for longer than i thought it would have been going. its been over half a year now and i’m fairly happy. i’m very proud.


3 responses to “No name.

  1. I agree with you, whatever it is- leave it. It’s not much of a record to you if you go revising. I wish I had stuck out the blogging thing. Maybe again someday…

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