I want to look good naked. Someday, i will achieve the state of body that i want. just someday. i will try this summer, i will stick to a health plan and actually go out for the runs ive been telling myself to do since last year. ( it lasted a week tops) i’m considered a fat asian and i can totally see it too. i want to fit into a small, well sometimes i can. but i want to fit into it nicely like those girls that are size small can. i dont wanna worry about how i look when i’m wearing a certain type of shirt or pants. i want things to just look nice on me, without me even trying.

i will look good for grade 12 if not prom. mark my words.

anywho i think i have an obsessions for icons. i always had. i would see pretty icons that i like and save them and collect a shit load. i was never the type to have a little icon site either like those people on xanga. i had don’t like the idea that i have to keep updating and satisfying the people with more icons. its like a job where i’m not getting paid. so i save the icons for myself only 🙂 heh



2 responses to “Someday.

  1. It seems, you have to ask yourself, what do you gain from looking good and, is that what you want?

    e.g. If you look good, many people will want to be your friend, but do you really want to be their friend?

    • I think it’s just a confident booster. the girls that i’m referring to just looks like their ontop of the world because they don’t have to worry about the yummy or the love handles. also it’s just one less imperfection to think about.

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