Dumb founded.

i do the stupidest things, stuff that people would consider just plain dumb.

a while ago i wanted to get into pilates. i went to walmart with my mom and get a pilates video. it turns out the was fairly easy. i was thinking i was fairly good. then i looked at the dvd case where it said prenatal and postnatal pilates. at that point i did not know what natal meant. i wikipediaed it, and finally realized why it was so easy 😦

today we had to research types of graph in data management. it said to look up pie graphs. i couldnt find it on the site and all i can see was ‘circle graph’ i asked my friend if circle graphs were pie graphs. she pointed out that the words circle graphs is bracketed around pie graph.

seriously, these could be fmylife stories. i think its one of those things where i dont pay full attenttion to stuff where i’m suppose to, this results in my totally making a complete fool out of myself.


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