For the pass four days, i have been practicing 3+ hours of piano a day. why is this such a surprise you may ask? well usually i won’t practice for more then one hour. as you can see i’m am definetly cramming for monday. but i think it’s working! i’m sounding soooo good! never felt so accomplish in my life. my goal is go atleast a 85? though i would prob get that mark. it would be good if i can get a scholarship too, but i would be pushing it with that. you’ll never know. i’ve gotten it two of the three years of competing. maybe if i try really really hard and believe in myself.

because of all this practicing and m busy schedual, i stopped rugby this year 😦 it was such a hard and sad decision. i just felt it was not fair to myself and the team that i was missing practices. it’s not like i wanted to misst he practices either. i guess it just means more free time and more time to focus on school. but i do have a bitter feeling when ever i see or hear anything relating to rugby. it’s the feeling of being left out? but i guess i can’t really complain since it was my choice. i’m definetly doing it next year, seeing as i would probably be done piano, and volunteer and all that jazz. oh boy. highschool is breezing right by, it’s scary.

ha! another post within ten mins. woot.


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