Favourite Pastime.

Is it pass time? or past time? i honestly don’t know and i dont feel like googling it. hehe.

I have this thing where i enjoy going to imdb and looking up movies that are months from coming out and youtubing the trailers. i don’t don it often maybe once or twice a month, you have no idea how fast they update the informations about movies. i enjoy knowing about the movie before the trailer gets on tv and when everyone starts talking about it. it makes me feel like i was the first out of those people that knew about it, i think its a knowledge thing. i love the feeling where i go to the movies and during the preview i can be the one that say ‘hey i’ve seen that trailer before’ oh the satisfactiion.

this the same for music. i enjoy discovering good music and music i truly enjoy by myself. and it feels great when i have been listening to a certain group or singer wayyy before it became mainstream. i remember in grade 8, where i was totally into indie punk rock. i started liking a certain band. i eventually fell in love with them and tried letting my friends listen to them. they didnt give much thought about it and didnt give the music a try. it didnt bother me, its a personal preference. but what pissed me off is that months later they got mainstream and my friends became inlove with them. it just shows how people’s interests is so influenced by the mainstream media.


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