In Business right now. yes the one where i thought it was a technology class. in about four hours i will be competing in my first piano class. oh boy. i’m not excited. and in about half an hour i will be walking home from school to do more practicing. in the rain. so not excited. and i’m hungry which doesnt add to the situation. i just hope i don’t fall on my face when i place…. well or physically seeing as that’s something i would totally do.

i’ll probably post about my results and what happened when i get home after the thing. which i’m not sure how i’m getting home…. i really don’t want to take the bus, and i don’t want to spent the money to get a cab and since the place it downtown, there is no way i would walk home even if i want to IN THE RAIN. so i guess…. i’ll have to figure it out.

i should be working on some business letter, but i really don’t want to do that. so that resorts to me just sitting here… enjoy the clickingness of the the class doing work. oh im a rebel. my neighbours are prob peeking over to see what im doing, which i’ve seen them do. but all they see is a small ass windown opened to take up about 1/3 of the screen. hehe im so secretive. muahahah!

well, i think i should be getting at with looking like i’m doing work. wooooo!

peace out home slice gee biscuit.


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