What life?

8:50am-11:32am School.
11:40am-12:00pm Walk home in the cold rain.
12:00pm-2:30pm Piano Practice
3:10pm Kiwanis festival
4:30pm-7:30pm Piano Practice
8:00pm-9:00pm Piano Lessons.
10:00pm-? Piano Practice.

a total of more than six hours of piano today. wowzaaah.

I played Sonata in B flat major 1st movement KV 570. messed up a little. Ended up with a mark of 83 and came in third place out of four people. I tied for third.How embarrassing. But seriously, i’m really sore from sitting up right and playing all day. i can’t wait till all this is over.

I always hate playing my first class every year but this year i got it worse. well i got it usual nervous symtoms; shaking, teeth chattering, fast ass heart pumping. but i experienced something new, i felt like i was going to puke and during the first half of my performance ( which was like 2-3 mins) the ends of my fingers were getting numb even though i was playing. scary shit man. and i have go through it again tomorrow, twice. let’s just hope it’s not as bad.


3 responses to “What life?

  1. i quit piano a couple of years ago because i completely hated it. but i miss it in a way, because it’s nice to be able to do something other people can’t do, and also do it well. =)

  2. for some reason i couldn’t comment on your new post so i hope it’s ok if i comment about it here

    i hope you cheer up ><
    i remember when i had to play violin last year
    and i sucked at it really bad
    and the teacher hated me really bad
    i didnt even get PICKED to go to kiwanis.
    only 3 people stayed behind T_T proves how much i suck. so then i quit.
    i quitted SO MANY things. piano (well i had keyboard and then i was going to play piano), violin, art, etcetc
    60 000 a year is pretty good where i live
    i mean i’d be pretty happy to earn that much
    hope you cheer up soon.:)
    this is really long

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