i hate horror movies. i hate watching horror movies. i dont understand why people like it, they say that its the thrill and adrenaline feeling and the fact that what ever happens in the movie doesn’t really happen to them. if you want a rush of thrill and suspense go ride a roller coaster. they are way more exciting in my opinion.
the type of horror movie i dislike the most is gore or more specifically ‘saw’ movies. i don’t understand how watching someone die in such horrible ways interesting. i know it is not real but if you get amusement from seeing people die horrible deaths like sawing their own leg off, then you may be kind of disturbed. like seriously, jig saw died in the third movie but they are making more and more movies that continue of him finding apprentices after he croaked. i can see that his character in the movie may be ‘smart’ or ‘intelligent’ but that is just unrealistic. and to think, people get paid to think of ways to kill people, how normal can you be? i already hate the suspense feeling of movies, i dont need the throwy upy feeling from someone getting their sculpt ripped off. ugh.
i don’t watch movies unless i have no choice. even if i do i usually read the movie spoiler so i would know what to expect and that i wont pee from pants from the element of surprise. you may say that i totally ruined the movie for myself, but honestly it’s not like i care if i ruin it. i didnt want to watch it in the first place.
i hate horror movies.


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