The big day.

six days. the number of days till i turn seventeen.

as the years gone by, the excitement of birthdays slowly begin to die. i didn’t notice how close my birthday was until just an hour ago. at first i had the excitement feeling where ‘wow, i can’t believe how close it got.’ but then that feeling faded away. i don’t feel any major change when the day comes and the only thing different on that day is that people say happy birthday to me. big whoop. some people countdown to the second the ‘big day’ comes along like people do for new years. me on the other hand wake up and and think ‘sweet, im seventeen’

people throw parties and get wasted and smashed to celebrate the big day. good job man you can’t remember your birthday. and then some people just use their birthday as an excuse to do it. wait, those two are the same thing nvm. you can say i use birthdays to my advantage, nothing as extravagant as that tho. i just use my birthday as a get out of the house pass without questions from my parents. they owe me.

when i was younger i was the type to get super excited and would start countdowns months before hand. i guess its because i was just excited to get older and grow up. but now i don’t care. there’s no big change, these teen years of my life is pretty ‘uniformed constant’. there is not much i look forward to. but i can promise you that once i get to a certain age like normal people now a days. i would be dreading birthdays, its a sign of getting older. so here’s the pattern. excited, neutral, unagitated.

some people say that the only thing they want is to spend it with their friends and family. but honestly like i said birthdays are just any other day for me, so it doesnt really matter. tho it would be sweet if i can spend it with people i love, it’s kind of never possible to my situation.


One response to “The big day.

  1. I feel the same way
    I use to look forward to my birthday weeks before when I was little and now I somewhat dread them..
    Its no different from any other day and it just reminds me how old I’m getting and how little I’ve accomplished *emo*
    Ahaha… but nonetheless, I really do wish you have a good one!<3

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