All talk and no action.

i used to be the person that would argue with someone about our differences of ideas until i get mad. but over time, i feel that it is unneccesary. im not saying that i like loosing in an argument, but its just that i know i’m right, if the person thinks their right too, go for it. even tho i know i’m right. its a waste of time and spit and i honestly have better things to do. it’s very frustrating.

me and the people around me have the most different ideas of morals or thoughts. we may sometimes disagree deeply, but i don’t want anything to lead to a arguement. not saying that i dont do it from time to time. i am learning to just let it go, and think of other things to say. my idea of something being okay, maybe not be the same as other people. their idea of a good time may not be mine. we just have to suck it up.

skil01_lgi finally got the sneakers that i was wishing for on my wishlist. they make me smile. i just thought i should share that random fact. also tomorrow me and my friends are going to see the next xmen movie that is coming out. i’m excited, even thought at first i wanted to see earth. i eventually changed my mind, not through the influence of others but because at the moment it seemed more interesting.


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