mirror, mirror.

im making tree trunks in business right now:) that sounds odd. hehe. i like this unit/lesson. flash. thats what it is. we make flowers and stuff… i dunno really how to explain it. you would know if you know the program. basically i make stuff move

im really self concious, of everything i do and how i look etc. i care too much. realization: i told my friend that i imagining how i look when i don’t ‘smile’ or you know just when you are neutral. ‘wow you’re really self concious arent you?’ yeah i am. then she caught me smiling in the mirror while we were walking. it was like a millisecond that i looked in the mirror and i so subconciously did that.

im trying to not care what people thinks. i’m slowly getting there. but it make things worst, i discovered that i wont even look people in the eye when i feel the least bit shitty. i go out with my glasses and i feel self concious. i leave the house with my hair up or wavy i feel less confident with myself. no make up, lets not go to that. some day, i will not care.

i wrote this two days go and saved it as a draft, i’m publishing it now.


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