Another year.

i’m seventeen again today.
yesterday i went to see the new xmen movie with my friends. i knew it was good before i saw it and i was not dissapointed. ryan reynold was totally hot in the movie, his arms ! and then hugh jackman. he was sooo chisseled and sculpted, pretty men.
i don’t feel any different, but i like the realization that another year has passed by. and then i realized how fast time has gone by. it’s may. second semester is half way done, kiwanis is over, and spring has arrived. all these are signs of how close the school year is coming to an end. grade eleven is almost over, university is coming closer and closer. i guess the only thing i can do now is think of and live in the present and try to not care about how time flies.

i have the sudden urge to go for a jog later when the sun goes down more. might as well be the least bit healthy for the first day of being seventeen. today i walked 2.5 km for breakfast with my friends. after that we went over to visit a friend. and played on the trampoline for a few hours, of which ended in us wrestling each other. then another 2 km back home. i guess that’s pretty active and eventful.


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